Testimonials from Pipers Nursery

  • Dear Lorraine

    I just want to say a big thank you to you and all your team in making my child’s four years at Pipers nursery so special, enjoyable, memorable and making him part of a wonderful extended loving family.

    We wanted to bring a little something from my son to say thank you to everyone at Pipers as he has grown up with them and they have all been such an important part of his journey at nursery. So my husband and I have brought some cup cakes to share with all of the team, funnily enough one of my son’s first words was cake!

    When I started looking at nurseries I was seven months pregnant and I used to worry about two parents working full time and what affect it would have on our child. So making the decision of choosing the right nursery was a huge responsibility as we knew it had to be right. I looked at three nurseries and by far Pipers was outstanding enough that it was the other side of Chorley, but the most important thing was that my son was happy and you and your team took away any doubts we had. Indeed, he has been more than happy during his time at Pipers and that is because of the precious and wonderful team you have. I know we will be back for holiday club at some point; my son has got so many wonderful memories to take away with him, like giving his dummy to Father Christmas when he was in the Sunflowers he still talks about that to this day. How Gillian makes the best chilli ever and John is so clever as he makes and builds fabulous things for us!

    I know we will keep in touch

    Once again thank you.

    Claire and Chris

  • Lorraine

    I just wanted to write to thank you and all the amazing staff at Pipers for all your hard work and support. You have all been a very important part of our family for such a long time now and we are going to miss you all. I can hand on heart say it’s the best nursery and it has been an amazing and positive journey for us all. I have written letters to some of the girls but we would appreciate it if you could pass on our gratitude to all the staff at some point. Pipers have been part of our daily life and routine for many years and its going to take some time to adjust. I will keep you posted on how my daughter settles into school. Since you have taken over the nursery you have obviously worked hard to make improvements, all of which did not go un-noticed and were very much appreciated. You have an amazing team and both my husband and I have always felt our children were in the best care. Everyone is always friendly and happy and always have time to talk to you. Pipers have always worked with us on any issues with both of our children and have helped guide our children.

    Thank you Lorraine and Thank you Pipers

    Lots of Love

    Debbie and Pete

  • Hi Lorraine

    The outstanding element for me, as a parent, is the caring and nurturing nature of the staff at Pipers. As a working parent, excellent childcare is the most important consideration and I can see how the staff genuinely cares for the children, treating them as individuals and recognising their qualities. To evidence this I recently put my little girl to bed and stroked her hair, she commented that one of the team at nursery do this to help her get to sleep which gave me great comfort. The educational aspects of the environment are also excellent and at a recent discussion about my child’s development, her key worker was attentive and professional, spending as much time as we needed to go through the early years curriculum and in the course of the discussion it was apparent that she had taken time to get to know our daughter well as well as her interactions with the other children.

    By the way, it was Maddie who strokes my little girl’s hair!