Learning Journey Files

Learning Journey Files

As you know, your child his a 'learning journey' file. This file is kept in your child's room in a tray with their name on. Please feel free to look at this at any time as it is the best way to see what your child has been doing and how they are learning and developing.

Your child's key person is responsible for keeping this file up to date on a monthly basis. If you would like to take the file home to have a look or share it with family, please give your child's key person a couple of days' notice to ensure it is up to date, you will be asked to sign it out in case we have an Ofsted inspection.

The learning stories inside are based on observations of how your child is learning. Photographs generally accompany comments and then they are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum framework in the relevant area of development. These observations support your child's key person in planning future activities to help your child continually develop.

Also in this file you will find:

The 'All about me' that you completed before your child started, a 'baseline assessment' you completed togethr with your key person when your child started.

'Starting nursery' observations which are carried out to ensure all is being done to help your child settle.

'Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Summary' sheets which are completed every term to enable us to look for areas that your child may need support.

'Interest Sheets' that you will have completed.

'2 year progress check', if your child has turned 2 years - this will be carried out in partnership with you.

'Early Years Foundation Stage' tracking sheet.

We always welcome your contribution to the 'learning journey' file. Please share experiences and photographs with your child's key person. Alternatively don't forget you can email to your room - Pipersrainbows@gmail.com  Piperssunflower@gmail.com  Pipershoneybees@gmail.com

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