Healthy Body, happy me

Healthy Body, Happy me

24 - 30 March 2014

This week will be packed full of activities which show our children how a healthy lifestyle is easy to adopt, has long lasting benefits for health, well-being and learning and is most importantly, a lot of fun!

Monday 24th March - we will be having lots of outdoor fun which is linked to the benefit of physical activity.

Tuesday 25th March - 'Go Germs Go'. We will be focusing on personal hygiene and the importance of hand washing.

Wednesday 26th March - 'Football fun' Ball skills, throwing, catching, kicking etc.

Thursday 27th March - 'Out and about'. The children will take trips to the market for healthy food. The Honeybees will also be out for swimming.

Friday 28th March - 'Breakfast Time'. Our focus is on the importance of a healthy breakfast and we will make available a variation on our usual healthy menu for breakfast time.

Please encourage your child by talking to them about a healthy lifestyle and highlight what you do as a family that supports this week's learning.

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